Fresh starts and restarts

Welcome to the new website for St Lawrence Parish Church, York, redesigned from the ground up after the prospect of tidying up the old website seemed too daunting a task – but don’t worry, much of the same content and useful information is here, this time with extra pictures and a new lick of paint. As the site goes to pixel, there may still be one or two missing sections, so do bare with us. If you spot any particularly egregious errors or broken links, or you have any other feedback on the website, please do get in touch at . If you could put “Website” in the subject line, that would be very helpful.

Offline, work is continuing: at the church, preparing it for reopening, first for private prayer, and then for mass; across the parish, as parishioners continue to stay in contact with each other and check on each other; and at Nicholson’s on the organ as we look forward to having it installed into the church.

In the absence of the pew sheet, updates on parish life continue with the e-newsletter, sent out every week straight to parishioners’ inboxes. Feel free to sign up using the form at the bottom of the page, and the most recent edition, with further details on works at church, can be read here.