The Organ

St Lawrence’s organ

Our organ is large 3 manual pipe organ built by William Denman for St Michael le Belfrey in 1885. In 2019 the organ was dismantled from St Michael le Belfrey and restored and refurbished by Nicholson’s of Malvern. The organ was installed into St Lawrence in Summer 2020. Returning a pipe organ to St Lawrence was a major undertaking for the parish. Details of the restoration project can be found here and on Nicholson’s website.

The organ is an excellent example of Denman’s work. It is entirely mechanical and is an important historical instrument in the City of York. It is a powerful instrument with a very decorative case, and is the first organ to be worthy of the vast interior of St Lawrence.

Full details of the organ specification can be found here.

All enquiries about the organ should be made to Jonty Ward, our director of music by emailing music (at)

Previous organs at St Lawrence

From 1907 until 2009 we had a two manual Connacher organ which came second hand from St Olave. It was originally sited in the south choir aisle, now the Lady Chapel, and relocated … in 1927 to the North Transept. By the 1990s the organ was in the latter stages of decay, and was almost defunct by the 2004 when it was decided that would not be worth restoring in St Lawrence as it was considered much too under powered for the size of the building. The Connacher was removed and restored by Geoffrey Coffin for Lastingham Church. The Connacher organ replaced a 1 manual Postill organ which was transferred from the old medieval church of St Lawrence to the new building in 1883.

Electronic instruments

Between 2005 and 2020 the church used two electronic instruments. A two manual Ahlborn Angelus, which came second hand from Northallerton prison. A three manual Johannus Opus electronic organ preceded the Ahlborn which was also used when services were held in the church hall.